Friday, June 22, 2007

Classic Nintendo Music

I might be the only person who can listen to these Midi files and feel the slight tug of nostalgia bringing me back to my youth spent sitting on the floor of my living room, still wearing my PJs, in front of my parents' TV set playing for hours and hours trying to get to that last, well, it wasn't a cut scene back then, usually just an image or two with a bunch of text saying how great I am. Usually this was pretty early in the morning so as to guarantee that I wouldn't have to give up the TV to someone else would wanted to actually use it to watch something, instead of "playing those foolish videa games".

It's strange that, with just the first few notes on these files, I can vividly see that title screen from the game the music played in. Makes me wonder what else is stored deep within my head (doesn't make me wonder too much though, wouldn't want to stir up that too much).

So if you're like me and you played and loved most of the titles that are listed on the web site that's linked below, give them a listen and see where it is that they take you.

Nintendo Midi Music

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