Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Now I really can't wait for Christmas

When the first Aliens Vs Predator came out I initially thought it was going to be a horrible movie. But then it came out on DVD and I resigned myself to sit down and watch it, only to find that I loved it.

This Christmas when this comes out, there's no way I'll miss it in the theaters.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

That's it. The future world of the Terminator is now just around the corner. Check out this video from Sony and tell me you can't imagine that we're in a pre-Matrix, pre-post-apocalyptic society.

Dancing Robots

Next thing we know, these robots are going to be rounding us up to be used as batteries. And I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords and hopefully, with my enthusiasm to join their human farms, will be made into an important person in their virtual simulation of our world, created to keep us pleasant. Maybe a king, or even a czar.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #20

I did say that I'd be posting all sorts of different things here, including comic reviews. Well, over on, my most recent review is of Spider-Man Love Mary Jane #20 and no this isn't about Spider-Man's struggle to help get cannabis legalized. It's a comic series set in the early, High School years of Spider-Man, but the story is told through the years of Mary Jane, so it's much more character driven then most of the other Spider-Man titles out there today.

I've been reviewing this series since it first came and and for the most part I absolutely loved it, and with Sean McKeever leaving to go write at DC, and with Terry Moore finishing his independent comic Strangers In Paradise, Moore is just a perfect candidate to pick up the writing chores of this series.

Anyway, here's the review:

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What you don't know could get you fired

Well it's my birthday and how else should I be celebrating it, how else but by watching Sexual Harassment videos at work.