Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Strange Reading Habits

Today, whilst at the library, I happened to think about a possible Christmas present for my 8 year-old nephew/godson. For his birthday last Spring I got him the Scary Stories box set that contained 3 books of short scary stories for kids. He absolutely loves them, to the point where he carries them with him wherever he goes, so to continue on that theme I want to get him some more scary books.

This is what I got today:

While I was getting checked out the librarian looked at me and with a slight smile asked me if I was sure I wanted all these scary books. "I think I'll be OK," I told her.

I'll read these to make sure they are age-appropriate for him and then call his mom to make sure she's fine with it, then I'll buy them for him from amazon or something. I don't want to get Aidan anything that his parents might object to and take away from him the moment I leave the room.

Truthfully, I really just want to read these for myself.

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