Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Because real men have feminine sides

So yeah, I cross stitch. Wanna fight about it?

My latest project has been this Nintendo Sampler that I created half of. The top and the right, middle sides were designed by someone else (stitchin' chicken) but the left, middle and the bottom are all me. I took screen shots and then drew the images in Microsoft's paint program, zooming in as close as possible to be able to see each pixel.

I still have to stitch all of the empty spaces with black thread and I'm almost done with the left, middle side, which is a pattern of Rygar, a character from an original Nintendo game, fighting the first boss. When I'm finished with that section, I'll post more pics.

After this I'm working on a title screen of the original Legend Of Zelda that I didn't design, but oh well. Even if I did design the pattern myself since it's based off of the same image it would look the same so no big difference there.

Not only to I have a completely gay hobby, but I'm also a nerd about it. Isn't everyone jealous of my wife?

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