Friday, May 9, 2008

In which I eat a booze soaked butterfly larva

The whole "worm in a bottle of tequila" isn't really new to anyone. Anyone who's ever really drank tequila in their lifetimes knows about this but what you might not know is the story behind it.

The worm in the bottle isn't actually a worm at all but a Agave butterfly larva which crawls inside the Agave plant, which is used to make tequila in the first place. Anyway, when brewing his "sore throat in a bottle" drink,a Senior Jacobo Lozano Paez from Mexico City decided to include an Agave larva in his mescal, a sort of tequila, as a marketing ploy.

For one thing, when mescal is created some times those little buggers get into it anyway. Since the drink already has the Agave larva in it, why not go the extra step and actually include a whole one in each bottle? For another thing, since the Agave larva feeds off the Agave plant, Paez believed that putting the bug into the drink actually enhanced it's favor (if I eat a lot of BBQ sauce does that mean I'll have a smoky favor?). I'm not sure how to enhance the favor of tequila anymore than it already is, seeing as how it pretty much tastes like burning to me.

So what's with the history/biology lesson? Last weekend I had the opportunity to eat the worm for a second time in my life. I forget the details of the first time, but since I was probably drinking a large quantity of tequila at the time, it's understandable. Anyway, I asked Amanda to make me a Tequila Sunrise and being the perfect wife that she is, off she went to make my drink. While in the kitchen she called to me saying that we're at the bottom of the bottle and there's the question about what to do with the worm seeing as how there only a single shot left. I abandoned my Tequila Sunrise in favor of just having a shot of the tequila with the little guy in it. You are correct. Amanda thought it was gross.

"Ahh, smooth."

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