Thursday, September 18, 2008

Running is good

The road that connects my home street and Route 18 is exactly a mile long, which means going from my house to Route 18 and back equals 2 whole miles. Big deal, right? But when you're slightly overweight and running it, running to 18 and back seems like a journey into Mordor (There and Back Again). But since losing 18 pounds since the beginning of August, I have now been able to run it without stopping. Last night I did it from start to finish, and yes my legs are aching a little but not enough to make it difficult to go about my normal activities.

I took my in-laws advice when I run by not taking as long of a stride and to slow down, that way when I finish it doesn't feel like my legs are about to break into a million little pieces. I guess I was trying before of running the distance in as little time as possible, and yes that's a fine goal, but for just starting out, all it leads to is hurting myself, making me not be able to continue running for a week or so. Hopefully, with this strategy, I'll be able to continue and progress to be able to reach my goal - I want to be able to run an entire marathon by the age of 30. I'm 29 now so I've got my work cut out for me.

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